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The Saif Group has launched Kulsum International Hospital – a comprehensive cardiac care facility located on Islamabad’s primary Jinnah Avenue thoroughfare to cater to the rising demand for private sector health services in the Federal Capital Region.


To become the premier healthcare service provider in the region.


To relieve suffering and restore health through the provision of cost effective and efficient patient care.

Given the insufficiency of cardiac care facilities in Pakistan, Saif Group of Companies had a vision to have a specialized cardiac care facility in Islamabad to provide quality services at affordable cost. The Group management has now  transformed this vision into a 50 bed cardiac care facility in Islamabad with the name of KULSUM International Hospital (KIH). The Hospital is staffed by physicians, surgeons, specialists, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, nephrologists, pathologists and technicians .

The Facility is designed to provide the best possible setting for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our ergonomic design minimizes the movement of patients, encourages family involvement in the recovery process and provides a comfortable environment for all patients to recuperate


The following treatment and medical services will be offered:

For each type of medical consultancy, specialist doctors & relevant staff is available during day time while emergency staff is available round the clock to deal with patients coming in to the Emergency Room. Specialist doctors are available on call and the patient are provided with due care at first instance.

The following Diagnostic Services will be offered:

Radiology Department: will provide a comprehensive range of services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Diagnostic Fluoroscopy and other routine imaging procedures. As many as possible Diagnostic and Ultrasound procedures will be done at the patient's bedside, to provide patient-focused care.

Catheterization labs: The facility will have a catheterization lab featuring state-of-the art medical equipment. The installed equipment will have outstanding image quality, low x-ray radiation dosage (for patient and operator safety) and reduced procedure costs (since digital imaging equipment eliminates the need for film and film processing).

Operating Rooms: The facility will have two operating rooms. Services include but are not limited to: CABG - on pump, CABG - off pump, Valve Replacement and Repair, Aneurysm Repair, Carotidenderectomy, FEM-FEM, FEM-POP and AICD. In addition to these general laparoscopic surgery and total knee replacements are also performed.

Operating rooms have been designed to provide cardiac, thoracic and peripheral vascular surgical procedure. All operating rooms are equipped with hemodynamic monitoring equipment and emergency equipment needed to provide quality care.

Dialysis: The facility has three dialysis bays which will be operational round the clock with experienced staff for better patient care.

Emergency Room: The facility has a full service ER department and a Heart Emergency Center staffed by certified ER physicians and highly skilled staff.

Patient Monitoring: The facility shall be equipped with an online real time patient monitoring system. This continuous monitoring helps the paramedics to stay in touch with the patients condition at all times ensuring a prompt response in case of an emergency. 

Pharmacy Services

The KIH Pharmacy ensures the availability of medicines at the premises round the clock, making sure that you get the recommended medicines in time and with convenience. In addition to compounding we supply quality medicines by eminent brands, to both OPD and IPD patients including all sorts of surgical and disposable items required by OR. We ensure timely delivery of drugs making it easier for facilitating and handling an emergency situation.

Laboratory: The Clinical Laboratory at the facility has been designed with the needs of the patients coming to the facility. Equipment for the facility is installed with the ability to provide not only quality results, but to be able to provide those results in a very timely and efficient manner

Kulsum International Hospital awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification

Saif Group is pleased to announce that Kulsum International Hospital is now ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality management system. The achievement is one we are proud and it demonstrates our commitment to provide the highest quality services to our customers.

KIH management is committed to a high standard of customer satisfaction by ensuring best practices consistently meeting customer’s requirements including quality, safety, cost and service delivery.

We faithfully comply with all of the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and will consistently improve our quality management system for further up gradation.

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KIH is located in the heart of the capital city (the Blue Area) of Islamabad and is easily accessible.

KIH is designed to provide the best possible setting for the diagnosis and treatment facilities in the area.