Key facts KTM

Started Commercial Production:   1st quarter 1970
Turnover:                                      Rs. 1, 177, 509, 000.
Installed capacity:                         44 400 spindles

Located in the Kohat District of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, Kohat Textile Mills (KTM) has developed a strong customer base in the domestic market as well as in the export markets of Europe, the Far and Middle East.

KTM started operations in the first quarter of 1970, and the success of this company provided the catalyst for the subsequent blossoming and diversification of the Saif Group.  

Quality manufacturing procedures are validated by international accreditation agencies. A SUPIMA® licensee, KTM is ISO 9002 certified; while SA 8000 and GIZA® certification is in process.

With an installed capacity of 44,400 spindles, KTM manufactures and markets cotton yarn, combed cotton, carded cotton and synthetic yarn.

Quality Control is guaranteed through a select combination of modern European, Japanese and Chinese machinery supported by a sophisticated in-house laboratory and stringent quality control systems.

These include Trützschler, Crossrol and Howa Toyada Blow Rooms & Cards, Rieter and Marzoli Combers, Toyoda Ring Frames, Schlafhorst and Murata Autocones and Winders.

KTM has also installed a General Electric Jenbacher 2.0 MW gas-fired Captive Power Plant to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity for the company’s operations.