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Our Steps In History

We started here

Saif Group’s Progress

Throughout its history, the Saif Group’s progress has been through dedication, dynamism, hard work and most of all conviction and today this continues to be the code by which the 5,000 strong Group lives by.

Our founder Khan Faizullah Khan

Our founder Khan Faizullah Khan had considerable land holdings and influence in the region. Displaying the vision which was to be the hallmark of the Saif Group’s subsequent growth, to take upon himself the responsibility of improving the living conditions of his people and initiated the first industrial undertaking in the region.


The direct result was the establishment of the first power plant of the area set up in 1920. It not only provided the benefits of electricity to the people of the region, but also proved to be the catalyst for all future developments. In 1940 KK & Co., a food processing plant was established, the first of its kind in the entire Sub-continent. Thereafter followed a period of growth and consolidation under the eponymous Khan Saifullah Khan, Faizullah Khan’s son.

Demise of Khan Saifullah Khan

However the untimely demise of Khan Saifullah Khan at the young age of 49 in 1964 brought forward another great leader, his wife Kulsum Saifullah Khan. Despite her responsibilities of raising a family and lack of formal business training, she took over the reins of the Saif Group and developed the modern foundations of what is today one of the leading business conglomerates of Pakistan with a strong presence in the Textiles, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Exploration, Real Estate Development, Healthcare, Environmental Technology, Telecommunications and Information Technology industries.

Tradition Of Leadership

This tradition of leadership and great ingenuity is continuing with the next generation of Saifullahs, the five sons of Khan Saifullah Khan, who are steering the Saif Group towards the next century of growth and prosperity.

to be continued....

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